Flat Top

Whether you're a fan of classic looks or a trendsetter, the flattop offers a versatile canvas that can be tailored to suit your personality

When it comes to hairstyles that exude confidence and a unique sense of style, the flattop haircut takes center stage. This iconic haircut has stood the test of time, evolving through generations while maintaining its cool factor and edgy elegance. Whether you’re a fan of classic looks or a trendsetter, the flattop offers a versatile canvas that can be tailored to suit your personality. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the history, variations, and tips to rock the flattop hairstyle with flair.

A Glimpse into the History

The flattop, also known as the “flattop crew cut,” first gained popularity in the 1950s and ’60s as a military-inspired haircut. Its distinguishing feature is the flat, level top that is achieved by cutting the hair short on the sides and back while leaving the hair on top significantly longer. The squared-off top offers a sharp and tidy appearance that’s both timeless and contemporary.

Variations of Flattop

  1. Classic Flattop: The traditional flattop features a flat, level surface on the crown, often cut to a uniform length. The sides and back are typically tapered short.
  2. High Flattop: A modern twist on the classic, the high flattop elevates the flat portion to create a more prominent and eye-catching effect.
  3. Textured Flattop: This version incorporates texture into the top by using different cutting techniques. The result is a more relaxed and casual look that’s perfect for those who want a bit of edge.
  4. Faded Flattop: A fade on the sides and back combined with a flattop creates a seamless transition between the longer top and the shorter sides.
  5. Colored Flattop: For those who love to experiment, adding color to a flattop can create a bold and striking appearance. This can involve highlights, lowlights, or even vibrant shades for a statement look.

Rocking the Flattop

  1. Choosing the Right Length: Work with your hairstylist to determine the right length for the top based on your hair texture and face shape.
  2. Maintenance: Flattops require regular maintenance to keep their sharp appearance. Plan for regular trips to the barber to keep the style looking its best.
  3. Styling: Styling a flattop is relatively straightforward. Use a strong hold product to ensure the top maintains its flat shape. A matte finish product can provide a modern touch.
  4. Confidence: The flattop is a bold and confident hairstyle. Embrace it with self-assuredness and wear it proudly.


The flattop hairstyle has proven itself to be more than just a passing trend; it’s a representation of timeless coolness and edgy elegance. Whether you’re drawn to its classic charm or interested in putting a modern spin on it, the flattop offers a versatile canvas for personal expression. So, if you’re looking to make a statement with your hair, consider joining the ranks of those who have embraced the flattop with style and confidence.

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